UNRULY Collective
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UNRULY residency

UNRULY's unique Residency Program offers artists, of all mediums, the opportunity to focus their talents, meet local artists & experts, and feature their art in the UNRULY gallery and site!  Unlike most Residency programs, UNRULY works with artists to customize their experience, tailoring the program to meet the individual needs of each artist and their medium.  

UNRULY Resident, Ashley VanGemeren enjoying her time at UNRULY!

UNRULY Resident, Ashley VanGemeren enjoying her time at UNRULY!

UNRULY Residency Includes:

PRIVATE Art Studio
LOCAL Mentorship with New York Artist in your medium
2-MONTH showing of Resident's Art in UNRULY Bushwick Gallery
SALE of Resident's Art on UNRULYCOLLECTIVE.com (artist can sell unlimited number of pieces into perpetuity on site)
CUSTOM Creator Page and feature on UNRULYCOLLECTIVE.COM
BLOG feature on Resident & Art on UNRULYCOLLECTIVE.COM and distributed to UNRULY email list
SOCIAL Media presence across all UNRULY handles
BASIC Materials, Supplies, & Tools
PARTICIPATION in UNRULY Event, theme in line with Resident's Art 



UNRULY is located in Bushwick, the epicenter of the Art UNIVERSE!  Residents will meet established local artists, experts, aficionados, & collectors!  UNRULY Creator and thriving New York Artist, Anton Vitkovskiy, lives around the block, and is just one of the many artists excited to meet and create with UNRULY's Residents!


UNRULY is known for hosting unique experiences, attracting a cross-section of NYC & international performers and guests!  UNRULY will host events during the Residents stay, aligning with their medium, providing the perfect environment for both interaction and collaboration!