UNRULY Collective

The Body

the body

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60 x 30 x 5 1/2  
Oil, Resin, Plaster on Canvas

The Body was inspired by a doctor who uses electron microscopy to photograph images of the human body for fun. When I saw these images I was blown away to find that many of the shapes mirror what I see grow syaesthetically with sound. I wanted to do an abstract representation of the human body highlighting what certain parts look like under the electron microscope by close study , while also showing that organic growth of that the smallest possible photographic level  shares the same structures and ripples the intangible world of sound weaves. Parts of the body  represented in this piece are; The Spinal Cord/ Nervous System, Tissue, Fallopian tube, Brain Synapses, Bones, Cochlea, Water, Skin, Blood Cells, Blue Veins, Female Zygote undergoing cell division, Eye, and most abstractly represented the Pineal gland , it's imagery gifted to me in a dream.