UNRULY Collective


VENTIKO's Sensory Experience...next Saturday at UNRULY!

When I met Ventiko, a critically-acclaimed conceptual artist, she mentioned her exotic pet...pray tell?! ' A PEACOCK (who rides in Ubers)! I knew two things immediately: I must befriend Ventiko & she must do something at UNRULY!

WELL, that day has finally come...NEXT SATURDAY, June 22, Ventiko will take over UNRULY for a multi-sensory experience investigating the power of the internet on the future of humanity!  

AGAIN pray tell?!

Think of this event as dinner theater-MEETS-Bushwick-MEETS-avant guard artist-MEETS-rescue peacock-MEETS-blonde w/ an UNRULY collective!
HERE are a few things you can definitely count on happening:

  • The evening unfolding, like a sensory treasure map, with Ventiko as your spirit Goddess
  • UNRULY wired to resemble a Central Nervous System...do you feel me YET?!
  • A serenade from a Brazilian Violinist and a 1-on-1 performance piece, happening in the bathroom...just a few of the evenings many epic performances!
  • DESSERT served to you BLINDFOLDED, with a side of Audio Mediation, naturally. 
  • SUPER LIGIT LIBATIONS from MEZCAL, Braven Brewery, Bruce's Ginger Ale, & House of Kava...#reallygoodtime
  • TASTY NOSH from Houdini's Pizza Lab, Bushwick Bakery, L'Imprimerie, Elisa's Love Bites, & Becro Foods...#yesplease
  • DEXTER, the Peacock...who doesn't want to party w/ a peacock?!

SO LEAN in to your CURIOSITY and come to WWWIII presented by VENTIKO @ UNRULY COLLECTIVE (200 Cooper St, BUSHWICK), next SATURDAY, JULY 22 7PM

FINAL NOTE:  This event is going to be a truly unique, underground-Brooklyn performance art immersion experience at its best...if you are in town next Saturday, come to this, trust me you've never experienced something quite like this :)