UNRULY Collective

Meet Us


Hillary megroz

Queen of Hearts. Paper Artist. UNRULY Founder. Dreamer of Dreams.

The dream of UNRULY all started inside Hillary's head. After a decade in entertainment marketing (Meredith, MTV, NBC, Daily Mail), she left it all behind to pursue her very UNRULY dream. A leap of faith, made her dream a reality, that turned into this website, that will eventually lead to you walking through our brownstone, where I am writing this bio about her! Hillary is also a paper artist and fluent in dog.

Justice Joslin

World wanderer . Music Dabbler. Tree lover. 

HEY hows it going? I hope everything is going well, and I hope you are happy. At the end of the day and beginning of each morning we make the choice as to what we will be in every moment so I would choose whatever it is that makes you feel good. Yes it is me typing these words and finding words to describe myself is quite difficult so it is best that we meet so we can stand in each others presence. 

Joseph Rivera-Ramos

Renaissance Man. Noble Designer. UNRULY Exec. Director. Spiritual Architect.

Joseph began his journey as a Renaissance Man long ago, during the Elizabethan period, where he left his heart in the Royal Court of Queen Elizabeth I.  He is present today to share his passion and interest in the Golden Ages of Human History.  He hopes to illume the contemporary world around him with beautiful design and superb attention to detail.