UNRULY Collective

Jessica Joyce


jessica crystal pics 4.jpg

My multimedia paintings are filtered through the lens of a neurological condition I have called Synaesthesia. Synaesthete’s experience multiple senses at once. For me, it means I see as well as hear sound; the line and shape of its timbre. My artwork is an account of the intangible world that exists around us. The lines that map out the compositions of my artworks are the lines and shapes of the sounds I see as well as the rhythms and energies that move me.

  As expected, the organic shapes that appear to me mirror nature's physical forms, but what is less obvious is how tangible life appears to be sculpted by these unseen forces. The objective of my art is to unite the unseen immaterial forces with the material bodies that we all experience.

  My media is sourced from the everyday; fallen bark, candle wax, wine sipped with someone of importance, ash from the smoker that created a celebratory feast, blood from a living entity, even key shavings from the neighborhood in which I am creating; if they come into my life during creation, they are utilized with purpose. In a way, my works are abstract self-portraits that take the form of uniting my experience of the intangible world with the tangible.

  I have a profound appreciation and awareness of nature; how the Galactic Bodies in our Universe echo the shapes and energy currents within our own body. My interest in energy flow extends to astrophysics, electron microscopy, and but not limited to the chakras of the body. My objective is to illuminate these underlying forces that connect all life within my work.


Jessica's Intangible Universe is a floor to celing mural in the Unruly Meditation Room!  It took her 3-months to paint and its truly the house's masterpiece!