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Joseph Rivera-Ramos

joseph rivera-ramos

Joseph began his journey as a Renaissance Man long ago, during the Elizabethan period, where he left his heart, right in the Royal Court of Queen Elizabeth I.  He is present today to share his passion and interest in the Golden Ages of Human History, in order to illume the contemporary world around him with beautiful design, and superb attention to detail.

Joseph is the Founding Artist and Creator behind 'The Noble Line', a men's and women's home and fashion accessories product-line, established in the Spring of 2017.  He developed his company as an extension of his design consultation business, 'Rivera-Ramos, Design for the Art of Living'. He creates his own artwork-inspired collections, to help fund and support what he describes as "Noble Causes."  Generous percentages of sales of his products provide support to various organizations and groups, which are close to his heart and make a difference in the lives of individuals and the greater collective of humankind, benefiting the structure of his greatest passion- Humanity and the world of our descendants.

His work has been featured throughout Upstate NY and Manhattan, in retail showcases, window displays and various media articles. Recently, numerous works were presented at the Stickley Museum, and his "Jewels of Earth II" original drawing, was chosen by the Central NY Arts Council, to be hosted in the Fall of 2017, at the Everson Museum in Syracuse NY.

Please check out his work and product line at TheNobleLine.com and these facebook pages: JA-2R@FBRivera-Ramos, Design for the Art of Living@FB, and TheNobleLine@FB