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Igor Sokol

igor sokol


Igor Sokol is a 30 year old New York based artist. Igor was born and raised in Ukraine where he realized that his passion is art. From doodling at his desk in high school to Graphic Design and Fine Arts in college he began his creative future. Next came his journey to America, next came New York. Here he developed a strong urge to paint. Painting to him, felt organic and real unlike graphic design. Hence, inspired by what the City was offering (museums, galleries, streets, and the city itself), he started creating and experimenting with media and styles.

Artists such as Magritte, Balthus, Antonio López García, Paul Klee.. influenced his work in a very special way causing it to develop into something very unusual and very personal. The most significant concept of his work is lack of consistency in his art and a will to constantly create something uniquely new. Each new piece is different from the previous one. This is how the artist moves forward.

Nevertheless, to the artist himself, his greatest accomplishment yet, is his son Luka whom he loves dearly.