UNRULY Collective

Melange Menage A Trois


24 x 18 x 5  

Made with two other souls tied intricately to mine, after a beautiful dinner we used our wine to paint with our hands body and mind. After our blueprints combined created a map for my lines, I started with orange, representing the sacral chakra, where our manifestation shines. We had talked of our greatest of dreams at the dinner before creating this, so to manifest for all of us orange firelines explode from her center. From the orange grows keys, to open all doors to these dreams. The  Purples to pinks came next representing the color of the third eye, intuition and the energetic grid we are all connected to; so that our thoughts and objectives will be channeled into the univeral energies, bringing to us and emiting out all the synergy necessary to bring these dreams into reality. 

I wanted the wine to symbolically represent the blood and guttural instinct surging through us, the triangle,  and the number of magic aka the Holy Trinity. As our life force is being rebirthed everyday I wanted to rebirth a piece of the earth. As the Phoenix is born out of the ashes I thought it relevant to use wood which had been charcoaled by fire. We 3 like the Phoenix are being reborn as a completely new wholes,  letting anything that didn't serve us die and be reborn into our ultimate power. The black represents incorporating our shadow side creatively, helping sculpt, motivate, and conquer our purpose.   


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