UNRULY Collective

Dark Sister

dark sister

36 x 48 x 3  
oil,wax,snakeskin,key shavings,wood,
magician's blood,earth,pallet paper

on Canvas

Dark Sister was conceived because of my need to see color on an underpainting of black. I had never before done a black underpainting and craved understanding the colors of black and also how color would communicate on top of her. I wanted this piece to represent the fires in the Universe and the stardust and unknown that has formed us all. As with all of my art her elements are composed of tangible pieces from my every day life during her creative process. Dark Sister's underpainting of woven black maps out her eyes and all of the manifestations on top of her. The snake skin was a gift from the Universe to me. I found the snake first and the skin upon further exploration. The snake totem resonates deeply with the force of Dark Sister, because it represents metamorphosis and transformation as seen physically by the shedding of  skin. During this time I too was shedding.  The snake also represents transmutation, the primal primitive force, exploration of the mysteries, and is known to personify the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the knowledge that all things are equal in creation and all is one. 

Dark Sister made me explore with two other mediums I was new to; Resin and Blood. The blood was gifted to me by an inspirational other of mine, David Blaine. He, knowing I use elements from my life in my work, wanted me to have a piece of his life force for pigment. The resin encapsulates the circle of blood in the hearts center of Dark Sister.


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