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do you need a place to create?

Calling all creators who are forced to create in their 400 sf. apartments or traveling creators, destined to create in the big city but nowhere to do it!  UNRULY COLLECTIVE is the place for you!  

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Are you a painter, DIY-er, musician, poet, builder, inventor, chef, deep thinker, baker, lawyer, botanist, sculpture but have nowhere to do it?  Sick of working out of your parents basement, your rented storage unit, or miniature apartment?  Join Unruly Collective and explore all your creative passions inside our 130-year old brownstone, renovated for this exact purpose!  By becoming an UNRULY CREATOR, you can explore all your creative passions, display your work at our monthly showcases, host meetings & gatherings with your clients, network (and party!) with fellow creators, store your projects in progress and even spend the night in our one-of-a kind, super rad bedrooms.  

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Perks of being an UNRULY CREATOR

  1. Finally a place to create: As a member of Unruly Collective, you can come by anytime, any hour, and enjoy the many surprises that lay hidden within our brownstone (which is a mansion too!!).

    • Use of Unruly's 3 working art studios; studios include an ever-growing amount of power tools, art supplies, canvases, slop sink, stainless steel kitchen (if you are chef) and more! 

    • Use of Unruly's 'Showcase' space for meetings, meals, networking, and most of all fun! Obviously we have free wifi, full cable, and a phone line, in case you forget your cell :)

    • Use of Unruly's PRIVATE backyard...that's right, we have a huge backyard that you can use to create in, graffiti in, get tan in, or enjoy your smoke break in!

    • Bring your clients and friends by to network or showcase your work...we'll help you look very professional in our high-class space complete with wine, cheese, and soft jazz.

    • Host a private event at Unruly such as a fashion show, food tasting, short film screening, lecture on your latest book release OR share your talents by teaching in our very accommodating showcase room and/or studios!

  2. Event space and platform for creators to start their career and showcase their talents:

    • Placement in Unruly Monthly Group Showcase for talent & creations

    • Annual private showcase

    • Complimentary admission into select Unruly events +1 guest 

    • Alignment and exposure with strategic partners, organizations, companies, and industry players to continue to bring more opportunities to showcase your art and grow your network

    • Interaction & collaboration with other Unruly Creators

  3. Digital Platform

    • A profile portfolio on UnrulyCollective.com, upload pics, videos, MP3s and more information on yourself and your work (reserved for UNRULY artist only)

    • Digital Catalog of all your work with pricing and purchase options (for those unfortunate souls who cannot make the trip to see your work in person!)

    • Promotion on our social media outlets

  4. Finance, Marketing, & Business Development-- aka the babe & the brains

    • Founders Hillary Megroz & Charles Pastore have lots of expert experience they are dying to share!  Hillary spent 12-years in the NYC marketing world (with top marketing jobs at Meredith Publishing, MTV, NBC, DailyMail.com) and will help you create marketing collateral, promotions, and more to really help get the word out about your work-- she is also an artist, so totally gets the struggles you face!  Charles is an MBA graduate from Emory with a major finance background (CBRE, Rialto), an excel whiz, and the OZ behind Unruly Collective- basically he's the guy that can make your business legit.

  5. Sleeping Accommodations

    • Too tired to head home?  Visiting from another borough, city, or country?  In addition to all the wonderful things Unruly has to offer, we also have super cozy bedrooms decorated by other Unruly Creators (and if we really like you, you too might get to do a permanent bedroom installation).  Our accommodations are offered to Unruly creators, friends, and families at a deeply discounted rates- literally nowhere in NYC will offer you prices like this!


become a creator:

Everyone is welcome, and we get that everybody is different, so we offer a variety of membership packages to fit your creating & cash availabilities.  Please contact us and we will work with you on one of the below member options:

Yearly Creator: This is the best deal, like for reals! (contact for pricing)

Monthly Creator: A month worth of Unruly perks, yes please! (contact for pricing)

Weekly Creator: Not ready to commit, but ready to create! (contact for pricing)

Daily Creator:  We get it, but we promise that after one day at Unruly, you'll be begging for a yearly! (contact for pricing)

You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club!
— Jack London