UNRULY Collective



48 x 48 x 5 1/2  
correspondence from california,thread,resin,bark,key shavings,japanese maple leafs,feathers,wax,oil
on Canvas

Correspondence was conceived when I was moving back east from LA to the east coast. When I was packing everything there were certain letters, drawings, cards, that I could not part with. One was the sketchbook pad that I had written my first flight out to LA, another a doodle from a close friend, letters begging forgiveness and others of love. I quilted the correspondence together, each color thread has different meanings; red- bleeding heart, pink- positive female influence, green- positive male influence, blue- angels, black- the infinite. Sewing the letters into the canvas it was then resined and painted. Everything on the surface represents the moments of time being lived after the move this is when the natural elements were found and placed. Everything under the resin represents the elements that brought me to this current state of evolution. 


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